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New Aspects of Ecomaterials from the Viewpoints of the Consumer and Regional Communities
( pp.745 - 749 )
Osamu Umezawa1), Yoshikazu Shinohara2), Kohmei Halada2)

Preparation, Properties and Microstructure of SiC Particle Reinforced Al–Si Matrix Composite
( pp.750 - 753 )
Shiming Hao1) 3), Jingpei Xie2), Aiqin Wang2), Ming Fang2)

Internal Friction of an Ag–In–Yb Icosahedral Quasicrystal
( pp.754 - 757 )
Kenma Handa1) 2), Yeong-Gi So3), Yasushi Kamimura1), Ryuji Tamura2), Keiichi Edagawa1)

Electrical Properties and Carrier Transport Mechanism of Au/n-GaN Schottky Contact Modified Using a Copper Pthalocyanine (CuPc) Interlayer
( pp.758 - 762 )
V. Janardhanam1), I. Jyothi1), Ji-Hyun Lee1), Jae-Yeon Kim1), V. Rajagopal Reddy2), Chel-Jong Choi1)

Aging Effect on Microstructure of Cold Groove-Rolled α′-Type Ti–12 mass%V–2 mass%Al Alloys Studied by Transmission Electron Microscopy
( pp.763 - 767 )
Kazuhisa Sato1), Hiroaki Matsumoto1), Akihiko Chiba1), Toyohiko J. Konno1)

Thermal Stability and Transition Behavior of Nanoclusters during Two-Step Aging at 250°C in Al–Mg–Si(–Cu) Alloys
( pp.768 - 773 )
JaeHwang Kim1), SeongNyeong Kim1), Equo Kobayashi1), Tatsuo Sato2)

In Situ and Real-Time Observation of the Solidification Process of Al–20 mass%Cu Alloy by Synchrotron X-ray Radiography
( pp.774 - 778 )
Maodong Kang1), Haiyan Gao1), Da Shu1), Jun Wang1) 2), Faguo Li1), Yanan Fu3), Lishibao Ling1), Baode Sun1) 2)

Modeling and Simulations of Experimentally-Observed Dislocation Substructures Based on Field Theory of Multiscale Plasticity (FTMP) Combined with TEM and EBSD-Wilkinson Method for FCC and BCC Poly/Single Crystals
( pp.779 - 787 )
T. Hasebe1), M. Sugiyama2), H. Adachi3), S. Fukutani4), M. Iida4)

In Situ Observation of Pseudoelasticity in Fe3Al Single Crystals with D03 Structure
( pp.788 - 795 )
Hiroyuki Y. Yasuda1), Yasuhiro Oda1), Takenori Maruyama1), Mayumi Ojima2), Yoshitaka Adachi3)

Refinement of Nanoporous Copper: A Summary of Micro-Alloying of Au-Group and Pt-Group Elements
( pp.796 - 800 )
Zhenhua Dan1) 2), Fengxiang Qin1), Nobuyoshi Hara2)

Chemical and Structural Properties of Polyethyleneimine Film Coated on a SiO2 Substrate in Different Concentrations
( pp.801 - 805 )
Hyung-Joong Yun1) 2), Hyobong Hong3), Jouhahn Lee2), Chel-Jong Choi1)

Solidification Structure of Al–Cu and Sn–Cu–Sb Alloys Obtained by Casting through Induction Stirring Using Permanent Magnet
( pp.806 - 812 )
Fumitaka Otsubo1), Satoshi Nishida2), Hidenori Era1)

Characterization of Spinel-Structured Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Synthesized by Heating of α-FeOOH Platelets in Tetra-Ethylene Glycol
( pp.813 - 817 )
Hawa Latiff1), Mikio Kishimoto1), Akari Horiuchi1), Atsushi Seki1), Ryoichi Miyamoto2), Hideto Yanagihara1), Tatsuya Oda2), Nobuhiro Ohkohchi2), Eiji Kita1)

Two-Step Die Motion for Die Quenching of AA2024 Aluminum Alloy Billet on Servo Press
( pp.818 - 826 )
Jae-Yeol Jeon1), Ryo Matsumoto1), Hiroshi Utsunomiya1)

Microstructure Observation of Preform for High Performance VGCF/Aluminum Composites
( pp.827 - 830 )
Okyoung Lee1), Moonhee Lee2), Yongbum Choi3), Kenjiro Sugio3), Kazuhiro Matsugi3), Gen Sasaki3)

Residual Stresses and Dimensional Changes Related to the Lattice Parameter Changes of Heat-Treated JIS SKD 11 Tool Steels
( pp.831 - 837 )
Yang-Yu Su1), Liu-Ho Chiu1), Fan-Shiong Chen1), Shou-Chi Lin2), Yeong-Tsuen Pan2)

Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Ga Penetration along Al Grain Boundaries under a Constant Strain Rate Condition
( pp.838 - 841 )
Kayoung Yun1), Ho-Seok Nam1)

Low-Stress Creep Deformation in Long-Term Aged Ferritic Heat-Resistant Steel
( pp.842 - 849 )
Shigeto Yamasaki1), Masatoshi Mitsuhara2), Ken-ichi Ikeda2), Satoshi Hata2), Hideharu Nakashima2)

Effects of Secondary Air Flows on Thermal Characteristics and Particle Behavior in Flame Spray Process
( pp.850 - 856 )
Jae Bin Lee1), Dong Hwan Shin1), Yeo Hae Lee1), Dae Yun Kim1), Seong Hyuk Lee1)

Direct Observation of Pit Initiation Process on Type 304 Stainless Steel
( pp.857 - 860 )
Aya Chiba1), Izumi Muto1), Yu Sugawara1), Nobuyoshi Hara1)



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