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Polymer Journal
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Photochemical Initiation of Cationic Polymerization and Its Kinetics
( pp.539 - 547 )
G. Smets1), A. Aerts1) and J. Van Erum1)

Spectroscopic Studies on the Nature of the Active Centres in Anionic Polymerization
( pp.549 - 553 )
S. Bywater1)

Block Copolymers between Styrene and Isobutylene by a Direct Route
( pp.555 - 569 )
Paolo Giusti1)

The Polymerization of Azetidines and Azetidine Derivatives
( pp.571 - 581 )
E. J. Goethals1), E. H. Schacht1), Y. E. Bogaert1), S. I. Ali1) and Y. Tezuka1)

Radiation and Photo-Induced Ionic Polymerization
( pp.583 - 596 )
Koichiro Hayashi1)

Recent Development on Transition-Metal Catalysts for Olefin Polymerizations
( pp.597 - 602 )
H. L. Hsieh1)

Super Active Catalyst for Olefin Polymerization
( pp.603 - 608 )
Norio Kashiwa1)

Tailor-Made Macromolecules by Carbocationic Techniques
( pp.609 - 615 )
Joseph P. Kennedy1)

The Carbenium Ion–Onium Ion Equilibria in Cationic Polymerization
( pp.617 - 628 )
St. Penczek1) and R. Szymanski1)

Kinetics and Mechanisms of Zwitterionic Polymerizations of Alkyl Cyanoacrylates
( pp.629 - 637 )
D. C. Pepper1)

Some New Copolymers by Ionic Polymerization
( pp.639 - 649 )
Rolf C. Schulz1), Klaus Albrecht1), Quynh Van Tran Thi1), Johannes Nienburg1) and Dieter Engel1)

Recent Evidence for the Association of Initiator with Counter Ion in Cationic Polymerization
( pp.651 - 659 )
Pierre Sigwalt1) and Georges Sauvet1)

Ionic Oligomerization and Polymerization of 2-Alkenyl-2-oxazolines
( pp.661 - 675 )
D. A. Tomalia1), B. P. Thill1) and M. J. Fazio1)

Poly(alkylene oxide) Ionomers. V. Polymers and Copolymers of Cyclic Ethers with Pendant Carboxylate Groups
( pp.677 - 686 )
O. Vogl1), J. Muggee1) and D. Bansleben1)



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