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Polymer Journal
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Dynamic Mechanical Absorptions Observed for Regenerated Cellulose Solids in the Temperature Range from 280 to 600 K
( pp.1 - 14 )
Sei-ichi Manabe1), Michitaka Iwata1) and Kenji Kamide1)

Potentiometric Titration Behavior of Poly(crotonic acid)
( pp.15 - 19 )
Yoshio Muroga1) and Mitsuru Nagasawa1)

Study on Radical Telomerization of Esters of Methacrylic Acid by Using Bromotrichloromethane and Characteristics of the Resulting Telomers II. Primary Alkyl Methacrylates
( pp.21 - 30 )
Takao Kimura1) and Motome Hamashima1)

Gelation by Linking of Growing Spherulites in Poly(4-methyl-1-pentene) Cyclohexane Solution
( pp.31 - 34 )
Tetsuya Tanigami1), Kazuteru En1), Kazuo Yamaura1) and Shuji Matsuzawa1)

Thermal Expansion of Crystal Lattice of Isotactic Poly(4-methyl-1-pentene)
( pp.35 - 40 )
Tetsuya Tanigami1), Kazuo Yamaura1), Shuji Matsuzawa1) and Keizo Miyasaka2)

Artificial Membranes from Multiblock Copolymer IV. Four-Component Pentablock Copolymers of the DSD′AD Type Usable to Fabricate a Charge-Mosaic Membrane
( pp.41 - 49 )
Shin-ichi Takahashi1), Kosaburo Matsumura1), Masatoshi Toda1), Teruo Fujimoto1), Hirokazu Hasegawa1) and Yoshiyuki Miyaki3)

Dielectric and Piezoelectric Properties of Nylon 9 and Nylon 11
( pp.51 - 61 )
Gang Wu1), Okimichi Yano1) and Toshiichi Soen1)

Thermotropic Main Chain Polyesters with Polymethylene Spacers and Their Low Molecular Weight Model Compounds—Odd-Even Effect of Polymethylene Spacers
( pp.63 - 70 )
Jung-Il Jin1), E-Joon Choi1), Seog-Cheol Ryu1) and Robert W. Lenz2)

Ultrasonic Scission of Deoxyribonucleic Acid in Aqueous Solution I. Conditions for Sonication and Molecular Weights of Sonicated Samples
( pp.71 - 79 )
Kiyohiro Fukudome1), Kiwamu Yamaoka1), Kenichiro Nishikori1), Takamichi Takahashi1) and Osamu Yamamoto2)

Ultrasonic Scission of Deoxyribonucleic Acid in Aqueous Solution II. Precipitational Fractionation and Molecular Weights of Sonicated Samples
( pp.81 - 88 )
Kiyohiro Fukudome1), Kiwamu Yamaoka1), Kenichiro Nishikori1), Hidekazu Tatehata1) and Osamu Yamamoto2)

Zero-Shear Viscosity of Branched Polymer Solutions
( pp.89 - 94 )
Yoshiaki Takahashi1), Fumitoshi Suzuki1), Masahiko Miyachi1), Ichiro Noda1) and Mitsuru Nagasawa1)

Highly Transparent and Conducting Polypyrrole–Poly(vinyl alcohol) Composite Films Prepared by Gas State Polymerization
( pp.95 - 98 )
Takeaki Ojio1) and Seizo Miyata2)

Miscibility of Main-Chain Thermotropic Polyesters
( pp.99 - 101 )
Jung-Il Jin1), E-Joon Choi1) and Ki-Young Lee1)



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