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Polymer Journal
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Phase Equilibria of Quasi-Ternary Systems Consisting of Multi-Component Polymers in a Binary Solvent Mixture VI. Theoretical Prediction of the Flory Solvent Composition
( pp.203 - 209 )
Shigenobu Matsuda1) and Kenji Kamide1)

Phase Equilibria of Quasi-Ternary Systems Consisting of Multi-Component Polymers in a Binary Solvent Mixture VII. Co-Solvency
( pp.211 - 219 )
Shigenobu Matsuda1) and Kenji Kamide1)

Cationic Grafting from Carbon Black VI. Grafting of Polyetheresters from Carbon Black by Cationic Ring-Opening Terpolymerization of Tetrahydrofuran-Cyclic Acid Anhydrides-Epichlorohydrin
( pp.221 - 229 )
Norio Tsubokawa1), Yu Jian1) and Yasuo Sone1)

13C NMR Study on the Distribution of Substituent Groups on Trihydric Alcohol Units in Cellulose Xanthate
( pp.231 - 240 )
Kenji Kamide1), Keisuke Kowsaka1) and Kunihiko Okajima1)

N-Substituted Acrylamide-Styrene Copolymer Latices II. Polymerization Behavior and Thermosensitive Stability of Latices
( pp.241 - 247 )
Futoshi Hoshino1), Takeshi Fujimoto1), Haruma Kawaguchi1) and Yasuji Ohtsuka1)

Hydraulic Permeability-Temperature Hysteresis for the Hydrophilic Membrane Prepared from the Block Copolymer Consisting of Polyamide and Polyoxyethylene Segments
( pp.249 - 256 )
Kazuhiko Hashimoto1), Hiroshi Sumitomo1) and Hiroo Yamamori1)

Special Polymers for Data Memories
( pp.257 - 268 )
G. Kaempf1)

Immobilization of Thermolysin by Water-Soluble Reactive Polyurethane: Influence of Charges on the Matrix and Metal-Exchange at the Active-Site
( pp.269 - 273 )
Shigeru Kunugi1), Yoshio Morikawa1), Mayumi Ishida1) and Yoshiharu Nakamura1)

Cubic Nonlinear Optical Effects in Conjugated Polymers
( pp.275 - 284 )
F. Kajzar1) and J. Messier1)

Pulsed NMR Investigation on the Polymerization II. Bulk Polymerization of Methacrylic Acid
( pp.285 - 288 )
Takuzo Kurotu1)

Efficient Oxygen Enrichment by a Langmuir-Blodgett Film of the Polyion Complex of a Double-Chain Fluorocarbon Amphiphile
( pp.289 - 291 )
Nobuyuki Higashi1), Toyoki Kunitake1) and Tisato Kajiyama1)

Sorption of Alcohol Vapors in a Disubstituted Polyacetylene
( pp.293 - 296 )
Kazuki Nakanishi1), Hisashi Odani1), Michio Kurata1), Toshio Masuda2) and Toshinobu Higashimura2)



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