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Polymer Journal
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Miscibility in Blends of Stereoregular Poly(methyl methacrylate)s with Chlorinated Polyethylenes and Chlorinated Poly(vinyl chloride)s
( pp.771 - 778 )
Hiroyoshi Ueda1) and Frank E. Karasz1)

Mean-Square Radius of Gyration of Poly(dimethylsiloxane) Chain with Side Groups
( pp.779 - 785 )
Haizhu Ma1) and Jianmin Xu2)

Effect of Poly(epichlorhydrin) on the Crystallization and Compatibility Behavior of Poly(ethylene oxide)/Polyphosphazene Blends
( pp.786 - 796 )
Consuelo R. Herrero1) and Jose Luis Acosta1)

Effect of Pressure on the Relation between Glass Transition Temperature and Molecular Weight for Monodispersed Polystyrenes
( pp.797 - 803 )
Hirotoshi Toratani1) and Kanichiro Takamizawa1)

Segmented Copoly(ether-ester) Elastomers. Influence of Hard Segment Length and Substitution on Mesophase Formation
( pp.804 - 815 )
M. M. Sonpatki1), K. Ravindranath1) and S. Ponrathnam1)

Thermal Properties of Poly(ethylene 2,6-naphthalate) and Poly(butylene 2,6-naphthalate) Blends
( pp.816 - 821 )
Kwan Han Yoon1), Sang Cheol Lee1) and O Ok Park2)

Thermal Analysis of Selectively-Brominated Polystyrene
( pp.822 - 827 )
K. Pielichowski1), A. Puszynski2) and J. Pielichowski1)

Visualization of Network Structure in Poly(butadiene)/Polystyrene Pseudo Interpenetrating Polymer Networks by Transmission Electron Microscopy
( pp.828 - 832 )
H. L. Frisch1) and Yongpeng Xue1)

Gas Permeation Properties of Conducting Polymer/Porous Media Composite Membranes II
( pp.833 - 839 )
Kensuke Kamada1), Jun Kamo1), Akira Motonaga1), Tadashi Iwasaki1) and Hiroshi Hosokawa1)

High Resolution X-Ray Scattering of Ionic Clusters in Perfluorinated Ionomers
( pp.840 - 844 )
Gu Xu1)

Diacetylene-Containing Polymers V. Synthesis and Characterization of High Molecular Weight Diacetylene Containing Thermoplastic Polyesters: Poly(octa-3,5-diynylene succinate), Poly(octa-3,5-diynylene adipate), and Poly(octa-3,5-diynylene sebacate)
( pp.845 - 850 )
Sergei Fomin1), Ricardo Neyra1) and Takeshi Ogawa1)

Kinetic and Mechanistic Studies on the Oxidation of Poly(ethylene glycol) by Ceric Sulphate in Sulphuric Acid Medium
( pp.851 - 857 )
S. Nagarajan1), K. S. V. Srinivasan1) and K. Venkata Rao2)

Dispersion Polymerization of N-Vinylformamide in Polar Media. Preparation of Monodisperse Hydrophilic Polymer Particles
( pp.858 - 863 )
Hiroshi Uyama1), Hisataka Kato1) and Shiro Kobayashi1)

Photo-generation of Poly-functional Thiol and Thermal Curing Reaction of Epoxy Resins Using the Thiol
( pp.864 - 867 )
Tadatomi Nishikubo1), Atsushi Kameyama1) and Koutaro Kashiwagi1)

Preparation of Highly Heterotactic Polymethacrylate with Narrow Molecular Weight Distribution by t-Butyllithium/Bis(2,6-di-t-butylphenoxy)methylaluminum in Toluene
( pp.868 - 872 )
Tatsuki Kitayama1), Yajun Zhang1) and Koichi Hatada1)



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