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Polymer Journal
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Microscopic Behavior on the Protection of Polyacrylonitrile-Based Carbon Fibers from Thermal Oxidation
( pp.959 - 963 )
Donghwan Cho1), Byung Il Yoon2), Hun Seung Ha2) and Yun Soo Lim3)

Radical Polymerization and Copolymerization Behavior of N-Acryloyl N′-Cyanoacetohydrazide
( pp.964 - 969 )
Samia M. Mokhtar2), Maher Z. El-Sabee1), Said S. Elkholy1) and Magdy W. Sabaa1)

Solvent-Induced Crystallization and Interaction Parameter of the Blends of Bisphenol A Polycarbonate and Poly(phenyl methacrylate)
( pp.970 - 974 )
Dongkyu Park1) and Jin-Who Hong2)

Polypropylene/Polyamide 6 in situ Composite
( pp.975 - 982 )
Xuedong Li1), Mingcai Chen1), Yuhui Huang1) and Guangmin Cong1)

Stereospecific Anionic Polymerization of α-(N,N-Dialkylaminomethyl)acrylates
( pp.983 - 986 )
Shigeki Habaue1), Takahiro Uno1), Hideo Baraki1) and Yoshio Okamoto1)

Morphology and Rheological Behavior of Amorphous Polyamide/(Styrene-Acrylonitrile/Styrene Maleic Anhydride) Reactive Blends
( pp.987 - 991 )
Kilwon Cho1), Kyung Hoon Seo2) and Tae Oan Ahn2)

Synthesis and Characterization of Styrene-Butadiene Block Copolymer/Silicate Hybrid Materials via the Sol-Gel Process I. Four-Arm Star Styrene-Butadiene Block Copolymer/Silica Hybrids
( pp.992 - 996 )
Weibin Chen1), Hanqiao Feng1) and Chaohui Ye1)

Miscibility of Chitosans/Polyamide 6 Blends
( pp.997 - 1001 )
Min Jae Ko1), Won Ho Jo1), Ho Cheol Kim2) and Sang Cheol Lee3)

Effect of Imidization Temperature and Spinning Condition on Structure of Polyimide Film Derived from Cyclobutanedianhydride and 2,2-Bis(4-aminophenoxyphenyl)propane
( pp.1002 - 1006 )
Hee-Tak Kim1) and Jung-Ki Park1)

Fine Structure Analysis of Ramie Fibres by Small Angle X-Ray Scattering Technique
( pp.1007 - 1011 )
T. Misra1), J. Shukla1), Md. N. Khan2), D. K. Bisoyi3) and T. Patel1)

Effect of Side Group on Mean-Square Radius of Gyration of Atactic Poly(methyl methacrylate) Chain
( pp.1012 - 1015 )
Haizhu Ma1) and Linxi Zhang2)

Application of a Furan-Containing Polymer/Fullerene System to Photolithography
( pp.1016 - 1019 )
Yusuke Tajima1)2), Yoshihiko Tezuka1), Tadahiro Ishii1) and Kazuo Takeuchi2)

Synthesis of Polyesters Containing the [60]Fullerene Moiety in the Main Chain
( pp.1020 - 1022 )
Masumi Taki1), Shoji Takigami1), Yuriko Watanabe1), Yosuke Nakamura1) and Jun Nishimura1)

Synthesis and Properties of Novel Polyarylates and Poly(ether ether ketone)s Derived from 2,7-Triptycenediol
( pp.1023 - 1028 )
Fumihiko Akutsu1), Mari Inoki1), Masayuki Kondo1), Tomokazu Inagawa1), Kazuhiro Kayaki1) and Yoshio Kasashima1)

Separation of Poly(methyl methacrylate)s According to Their Tacticity II. Chromatographic Investigations of Poly(methyl methacrylate)s with Different Tacticity at the Critical Adsorption Point
( pp.1029 - 1033 )
Dusan Berek1), Miroslav Janco1), Koichi Hatada2), Tatsuki Kitayama2) and Nobutaka Fujimoto2)

Plateau Modulus of Homogeneous Polystyrene/Poly(vinyl methyl ether) Blends
( pp.1034 - 1036 )
Shinichi Kitade1), Kenji Ochiai1), Megumi Ida1), Yoshiaki Takahashi1) and Ichiro Noda1)

Ring-Opening Polymerization of Chloromethyl Thiirane with AlCl3 and Nd(acac)3·3H2O-Al2Et3Cl3 Coordination Catalyst
( pp.1037 - 1039 )
Weishi Li1), Zhiquan Shen1), Fuyao Zhang1), Yifeng Zhang1), Lianfang Shen1) and Hanzhen Yuan2)

Stretching of Long DNA under Alternating Current Electric Fields in a Concentrated Polymer Solution
( pp.1040 - 1043 )
Masanori Ueda1), Kenichi Yoshikawa1) and Masao Doi2)



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