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Polymer Journal
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Interaction between Hydroxyphenyl-Containing Phosphate and Styrenic Resin
( pp.399 - 403 )
Hajime Nishihara1), Susumu Tanji1) and Ryuichiro Kanatani1)

Preparation and Properties of Electrically Conductive Polyaniline-Polystyrene Composites by in-situ Polymerization and Blending
( pp.404 - 409 )
Se Young Oh1), Hyung Chul Koh1), Jeong Woo Choi1), Hee-Woo Rhee1) and Hyung Su Kim2)

Ionic Conductivity of Solid Polymer Electrolytes Based on Modified Alternating Maleic Anhydride Copolymer with Oligo(oxyethylene) Side Chains
( pp.410 - 416 )
Liming Ding1), Jing Shi2), Chengzong Yang3) and Shaojun Dong1)

Behavior of Temperature Dependence of χ Parameter in Random Copolymer Blends Showing an Immiscibility Window
( pp.417 - 422 )
Tsukasa Sato1), Masato Suzuki1), Masao Tohyama1), Masaki Endo1), Tomoo Shiomi1) and Kiyokazu Imai1)

Beta Relaxations in Semicrystalline Poly(aryl ether ether ketone) Films. Mechanical Coupling and Interactions between Phases
( pp.423 - 428 )
Corine Bas1) and N. Dominique Albérola1)

Molecular Relaxations of a Branched Poly(oxyethylene) Network Polymer
( pp.429 - 433 )
Kimio Ichikawa1), L. Charles Dickinson2), William J. MacKnight2) and Masayoshi Watanabe3)

Preparation and Characterization of Poly[(4-vinylphenyl)dimethylvinylsilane] via Anionic Living Polymerization
( pp.434 - 441 )
Kazunori Se1), Kohzaburoh Matsumura2), Takeo Kazama2) and Teruo Fujimoto2)

Photopolymerization of Styrene with Azo-Containing Polydimethylsiloxane as Photoinitiator
( pp.442 - 445 )
Te-Chuan Chang1), Hon-Bin Chen2) and Kuo-Hui Wu1)

Polymerization of n-Butyl Vinyl Ether Photoinitiated by the Initiator System Poly(methyl phenyl silane)/N-Ethoxy-2-methylpyridinium Iodide/ZnI2/Benzaldehyde
( pp.446 - 449 )
Hai-Qing Guo1), Atsushi Kajiwara1), Yotaro Morishima1), Mikiharu Kamachi1) and Wolfram Schnabel2)

Synthesis of Photoreactive Imidazole Derivatives and Thermal Curing Reaction of Epoxy Resins Catalyzed by Photo-Generated Imidazole
( pp.450 - 456 )
Tadatomi Nishikubo1), Atsushi Kameyama1) and Yoshiyasu Toya1)

Spectral Analysis of Eight Polymers in SIMS by MO Calculation. Prediction of Cleavage of Polymers and Structural Formula of the Positive-Ion Fragment
( pp.457 - 466 )
Kazunaka Endo1), Takahiro Hoshi2), Naoya Kobayashi1), Hidetoshi Miura1) and Masahiro Kudo3)

Synthesis of Polyisoxazolines via 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition Using O,O′-Bis(tributylstannyl)ether of Isophthalaldoxime
( pp.467 - 470 )
Osamu Moriya1) and Takeshi Endo2)

Simultaneous Construction of Polymer Backbone and Arbitrary Amounts of Allyl Side Chains by Three-Component Polycondensation of Dialdehyde, Trialkylsilane, and Allylsilane
( pp.471 - 473 )
Tsutomu Yokozawa1) and Kazuyuki Takenoya1)

Synthesis and Properties of Polyamides Derived from 2,2-Bis[4-[2-(4-aminophenoxy)-ethoxy]phenyl]propane by Direct Polycondensation
( pp.474 - 477 )
Der-Jang Liaw1), Been-Yang Liaw1) and Meng-Yen Tsai1)



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