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Polymer Journal
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Ultradrawing Gel Films of Blends of Ultrahigh-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene and Low-Molecular-Weight Polyethylenes with Varying Short-Chain Branched Lengths
( pp.1 - 10 )
Jen-Taut Yeh1) and Hung-Chang Wu1)

Photoinversion Reaction of a Pyrenyl Sulfoxide in Solution and in Polymer Matrices
( pp.11 - 16 )
Yasuyuki Tsurutani1), Takashi Yamashita1) and Kazuyuki Horie1)

Synthesis and Properties of Poly(methacrylate) Bearing a Phosphorylcholine Analogous Group
( pp.17 - 22 )
Tsutomu Oishi1), Hironobu Uchiyama1), Kenjiro Onimura1) and Hiromori Tsutsumi1)

Side-Chain Liquid Crystal Block Copolymers with Well-Defined Structures Prepared by Living Anionic Polymerization I. Thermotropic Phase Behavior and Structures of Liquid Crystal Segment in Lamellar Type of Microphase Domain
( pp.23 - 30 )
Masayuki Yamada1), Tsukasa Iguchi1), Akira Hirao1), Seiichi Nakahama1) and Junji Watanabe1)

Synthesis of Azidothymidine-Bound Curdlan Sulfate with Anti-Human Immunodeficiency Virus Activity in vitro
( pp.31 - 36 )
Ying Gao1), Kaname Katsuraya1), Yutaro Kaneko2), Toru Mimura2), Hideki Nakashima3) and Toshiyuki Uryu1)

Structural Changes in Wood Pulp Treated by 55 wt% Aqueous Calcium Thiocyanate Solution
( pp.37 - 42 )
Makiko Hattori1), Yoshihiko Shimaya1) and Masatoshi Saito1)

Aqueous Calcium Thiocyanate Solution as a Cellulose Solvent. Structure and Interactions with Cellulose
( pp.43 - 48 )
Makiko Hattori1), Takehiro Koga1), Yoshihiko Shimaya1) and Masatoshi Saito1)

Solubility and Dissolved Cellulose in Aqueous Calcium- and Sodium-Thiocyanate Solution
( pp.49 - 55 )
Makiko Hattori1), Yoshihiko Shimaya1) and Masatoshi Saito1)

Physical Aging and Light Scattering of Low-Loss Poly(methyl methacrylate) Glass
( pp.56 - 59 )
Norihisa Tanio1), Hisao Kato2), Yasuhiro Koike1)2), Harvey E. Bair3), Shiro Matsuoka3) and Lee L. Blyler, Jr.3)

Synthesis of Poly(N,N-dimethylacrylamide)/Silica Gel Polymer Hybrids by in situ Polymerization Method
( pp.60 - 65 )
Ryo Tamaki1), Kensuke Naka1) and Yoshiki Chujo1)

Preparation of Poly(arylenediamine)s by Palladium-Catalyzed Polycondensation of Aryl Dibromides with Secondary Diamines
( pp.66 - 68 )
Takaki Kanbara1), Kiyoaki Izumi1), Tomoko Narise1) and Kiyoshi Hasegawa1)

Induced Helix of an Aliphatic Polyacetylene Detected by Circular Dichroism
( pp.69 - 71 )
Eiji Yashima1), Hidetoshi Goto1) and Yoshio Okamoto1)



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