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Polymer Journal
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The Electrorheological Properties of Polypyrrole Suspensions
( pp.451 - 454 )
Shuizhu Wu1), Fang Zeng2) and Jiarui Shen1)

A Kinetic Study on Magnetic Orientation of a Liquid Crystalline Copolyester
( pp.455 - 462 )
Tsunehisa Kimura1), Hiroaki Sata1) and Eiko Ito1)

Mechanism and Kinetics of Stabilization Reactions of Polyacrylonitrile and Related Copolymers IV. Effects of Atmosphere on Isothermal DSC Thermograms and FT-IR Spectral Changes during Stabilization Reaction of Acrylonitrile/Methacrylic Acid Copolymer
( pp.463 - 469 )
Hideto Kakida1) and Kohji Tashiro2)

Synthesis and Second-Order Nonlinear Optical Properties of Tricyanovinylated Polybenzoxazole
( pp.470 - 473 )
Ki Hong Park1), Sangyup Song1), Yong Seok Lee1), Chul Joo Lee1) and Nakjoong Kim1)

Mechanism and Kinetics of Stabilization Reaction of Polyacrylonitrile and Related Copolymers V. The Change in Birefringence of Acrylonitrile/Methacrylic Acid Copolymer Fibers by Heat Treatment under Fixed Length
( pp.474 - 478 )
Hideto Kakida1) and Kohji Tashiro2)

Inclusion Complexes of Chain Molecules with Cycloamyloses III. Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Polyrotaxanes Formed by Poly(propylene glycol) and β-Cyclodextrins
( pp.479 - 484 )
Javier Pozuelo1), Francisco Mendicuti1) and Wayne L. Mattice2)

Microscopically-Viewed Structural Change of Polyethylene during Isothermal Crystallization from the Melt I. Time-Resolved FT-IR Spectral Measurements
( pp.485 - 491 )
Kohji Tashiro1), Sono Sasaki1), Naomi Gose1) and Masamichi Kobayashi1)

Synthesis and Characterization of Polyimides with Pendant Phosphonate Ester Groups
( pp.492 - 498 )
Ken-ichi Okamoto1), Takeo Ijyuin1), Sachie Fujiwara1), Hongyuan Wang1), Kazuhiro Tanaka1) and Hidetoshi Kita1)

Banded Texture Induced by an Electric Field in Polymeric Liquid Crystalline Solution
( pp.499 - 507 )
Kazuhiro Monzen1), Kazuyuki Hiraoka1), Yoshiko Uematsu1) and Munehiro Date2)

Structure of Nascent Microbial Cellulose IV. Influence of Size and Substitution Groups of Direct Dye on Nascent Microbial Cellulose
( pp.508 - 512 )
Hiroyasu Kido1) and Akira Kai1)

Comprehensive Assignments of 1H and 13C NMR Signals for the Vinylidene Chloride-Butyl Acrylate Copolymers Using 2D NMR Spectroscopy
( pp.513 - 519 )
Ajaib Singh Brar1) and Meenakshi Malhotra1)

Studies on Interaction between Silica Gel and Polymer Blend by Inverse Gas Chromatography
( pp.520 - 525 )
Yoshimasa Murakami1), Ryosuke Enoki1), Yoshiro Ogoma1) and Yoshiyuki Kondo1)

Peroxidase-Catalyzed Dispersion Polymerization of Phenol Derivatives
( pp.526 - 529 )
Hideharu Kurioka1), Hiroshi Uyama2) and Shiro Kobayashi2)



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