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Polymer Journal
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Relationship between Mechanical Absorption and Birefringence of Regenerated Cellulose Solid in Solvent
( pp.1 - 6 )
Rumiko Fujioka1)2), Chika Ishii1), Ayako Mori1), Sei-ichi Manabe1) and Kiyohisa Imada2)

Effect of Solvent on the Rate Constants in Solution Polymerization III. Butyl Acrylate/Vinyl Acetate
( pp.7 - 12 )
Timothy F. McKenna1) and M. Fortuny Heredia1)

Miscibility of Ternary Amorphous Nylon/Poly(methyl methacrylate)/Poly(4-vinylphenol) Blends
( pp.13 - 20 )
Masaru Hosokawa1) and Saburo Akiyama2)

Lower Critical Solution Temperature in Aqueous Solutions of N-Alkyl-Substituted Polyacrylamides
( pp.21 - 27 )
Nikolai A. Platé1), Tamara L. Lebedeva1) and Lev I. Valuev1)

Roles of Unsaturated Polyester in the Epoxy Matrix System
( pp.28 - 31 )
Soo-Jin Park1), Won-Bae Park1) and Jae-Rock Lee1)

Synthesis of Polymers with Adamantane Amino Derivatives as Pendant Groups
( pp.32 - 36 )
Eri Yoshida1), Takashi Tsuchiya1) and Koji Katayama1)

Synthesis and Properties of Thermotropic Copoly(ester imide)s
( pp.37 - 41 )
Dewen Dong1), Rui Zhang1), Guang Li1) and Yushan Ni1)

An NMR Study of the Effect of Polymerization Methods on Segmented Sequence Distributions of Poly(butylene terephthalate)/Poly(tetramethylene glycol) Block Copolymers
( pp.42 - 50 )
Bumchan Min1) and Eunjung Bang2)

Phase Transitions of Dimeric Liquid Crystals Containing Long Odd-Numbered Methylene Spacers
( pp.51 - 54 )
Yoshihiro Ogawa1) and Kazuya Ootani2)

Synthesis of Nonlinear Optical Side-Chain Polymers Containing the Carbazolyldinitrophenylhydrazone Moiety by Polymer Reaction
( pp.55 - 60 )
Dong Wook Kim1), Soo Young Park1) and Sung Il Hong1)

Structure of Nascent Microbial Cellulose VI. Influence of Positions of Sulfonate Groups in Fluorescent Brightener on Crystal Structure of Microbial Cellulose
( pp.61 - 65 )
Akira Kai1) and Sherif M. A. S. Keshk1)

Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Aromatic Polyamides from 1,4-Bis(4-aminophenyl)-2,3-diphenylnaphthalene and Aromatic Dicarboxylic Acids
( pp.66 - 69 )
Atsushi Morikawa1) and Tadashi Hatakeyama1)

EPR and Kinetic Studies of Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization of (Meth)acrylates
( pp.70 - 75 )
Atsushi Kajiwara1) and Krzysztof Matyjaszewski2)

Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Aromatic Polyimides from 1,4-Bis(4-aminophenyl)-2,3-diphenylnaphthalene and Aromatic Tetracarboxylic Dianhydrides
( pp.76 - 78 )
Atsushi Morikawa1) and Tadashi Hatakeyama1)

Determination of Short-Chain Branches in Poly(vinyl chloride) and Ethylene-Vinyl Chloride Copolymers by Pyrolysis-Hydrogenation-Gas Chromatography
( pp.79 - 83 )
Shuncong Mao1), Hajime Ohtani1), Shin Tsuge1), Hiroshi Niwa2) and Masatoshi Nagata2)

UV-vis Absorption Study of cis- and trans Poly(phenylacetylene)s Based on CNDO/S Calculation
( pp.84 - 88 )
Fumiaki Ishii1), Shigeyuki Matsunami2), Minako Shibata2) and Toyoji Kakuchi2)

Effect of End Group–Substrate Interaction on Aggregation Structure of Polystyrene Ultrathin Films
( pp.89 - 95 )
EL Sayed Mounir1), Atsushi Takahara1) and Tisato Kajiyama1)

Morphology of Sulfonated Random Ionomers Based on Hydrogenated Styrene–Butadiene Copolymer Studied by SAXS
( pp.96 - 98 )
Joon-Seop Kim1), Mitsuo Nishida2) and Adi Eisenberg3)

Coexistence Curve of a Star-Shaped Polymer Solution. Comparison with the Hybrid Theory
( pp.99 - 101 )
Naoko Numasawa1) and Mamoru Okada2)

A Novel Synthesis of Polyesters by Insertion Reaction of Oxiranes into Polyanhydrides
( pp.102 - 104 )
Takao Yashiro1), Atsushi Kameyama1), Tadatomi Nishikubo1) and Hans R. Kricheldorf2)

1H CRAMPS Measurements of Different Types of OH Groups in Poly(vinyl alcohol) Films
( pp.105 - 107 )
Kenji Masuda1), Hironori Kaji1) and Fumitaka Horii1)



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