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Polymer Journal
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Graft Interpenetrating Polymer Networks of Bismaleimide and Epoxy Based on Maleimide-Terminated Polyurethane-Grafted Epoxy
( pp.401 - 405 )
Jin-Lin Han1) and Kun-Yih Li2)

Cationic and Anionic Ring-Opening Polymerization in Supercritical CO2. Preliminary Results
( pp.406 - 410 )
Anne-Françoise Mingotaud1), François Cansell2), Nathalie Gilbert1) and Alain Soum1)

Radical Polymerization of p-Substituted Styrenes with Benzyl Phenyl Selenide as Photoiniferter
( pp.411 - 417 )
Tae Seok Kwon1), Hiromitsu Ochiai1), Shuji Kondo1), Koji Takagi1), Hideo Kunisada1) and Yasuo Yuki1)

Encapsulation in Polysulfone/Polycarbonate/Impact Modifier Blends
( pp.418 - 422 )
Jong Tae Yoon1), Won Ho Jo1), Ick Hwan Kwon2), Sang Cheol Lee3) and Moo Sung Lee4)

Solid-Supported Synthesis of Hyperbranched Polymer with Discrete Conjugated Units
( pp.423 - 428 )
Patricia Guadarrama1), Lioudmila Fomina1), Vladimir Pankov1), Wilber Matus2) and Serguei Fomine1)

Synthesis of a Random Block Copolymer Comprising Poly(styrene-ran-p-methoxystyrene) and Poly(styrene-ran-p-t-butoxystyrene) by 2,2,6,6-Tetramethylpiperidine-1-oxyl-mediated Living Radical Polymerization
( pp.429 - 434 )
Eri Yoshida1) and Yorihiro Takiguchi1)

Novel Synthesis of Gel Capsule by Esterification of Poly(acrylic acid) Gel
( pp.435 - 441 )
Fumihiko Matsuda1), Shun Miyamoto1) and Takashi Iizawa1)

Cyclopolymerization of N,N′-Bis(phenylsulfonyl)-N,N′-divinylethylenediamine and the Related Monomer
( pp.442 - 446 )
Masahiro Miyajima1), Naoya Sugimoto1), Katsuyuki Tsuda1), Masahiro Ohara2), Toyoji Kakuchi3) and Kazuaki Yokota4)

Effects of Temperature and Molecular Weight on the Porous Structure Formation of Polymer Chemical Gels
( pp.447 - 451 )
Toshiaki Miura1), Ryoichi Kishi1) and Hisao Ichijo1)

Synthesis and Properties of Crosslinked Polycarbosilanes by Hydrosilylation Polymerization
( pp.452 - 457 )
Manabu Tsumura1) and Takahisa Iwahara1)

Group Transfer Polymerization of Methacryl-Type Poly(2-oxazoline) Macromonomers
( pp.458 - 463 )
Yasuo Shimano1), Kumiko Sato1) and Shiro Kobayashi2)

Helix-Sense-Selective and Enantiomer-Selective Polymerization of a Chiral Methacrylate by Anionic and Free-Radical Mechanisms
( pp.464 - 469 )
Tamaki Nakano1), Naotaka Kinjo1), Yasuaki Hidaka1) and Yoshio Okamoto1)

Specific Interactions in Silk Fibroin–Poly(potassium acrylate) Blends
( pp.470 - 475 )
Zhengzhong Shao1), Yuyu Sun1), Ping Zhou1) and Tongyin Yu1)

Synthesis of New Polypyrroles by Oxidative Polymerization of N-(Benzylideneamino)pyrroles and Properties of the Polymers
( pp.476 - 478 )
Yasuharu Murakami1) and Takakazu Yamamoto1)

Stereochemistry of Acrylate Polymerization in Toluene Using n-BuLi
( pp.479 - 481 )
Weihong Liu1), Tamaki Nakano2) and Yoshio Okamoto2)



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