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Polymer Journal
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Poly(isobornyl methacrylate-co-3-(t-butoxycarbonyl)-1-vinyl-2-caprolactam) for an Environmentally Stable Chemically Amplified Resist
( pp.695 - 699 )
Jin-Baek Kim1), Jae-Hak Choi1), Hyunwoo Kim1), Young-Gil Kwon2) and Min-Ho Jung1)

Effect of Poly(amic diethyl ester) Precursor on Residual Stress Behavior of Aromatic Polyimides
( pp.700 - 706 )
Hyunsoo Chung1), Yung-Il Joe1) and Haksoo Han1)

In-Plane Orientation in Poly(amic acid)s during Thermal Imidization
( pp.707 - 710 )
Shin’ya Morino1) and Kazuyuki Horie2)

Approach to Ideal Network Formation in Free-Radical Crosslinking Copolymerization of Benzyl Acrylate with 1,6-Hexanediol Diacrylate
( pp.711 - 713 )
Akira Matsumoto1) and Akira Taniguchi1)

Decomposition of Polyethylene 2,6-Naphthalene Dicarboxylate to Constituent Monomers Using Supercritical Methanol
( pp.714 - 716 )
Takeshi Sako1), Tsutomu Sugeta1), Katsuto Otake1), Satoshi Yoda1), Yoshihiro Takebayashi1), Izumi Okajima1) and Chiyoshi Kamizawa1)

Topochemical Polymerization of 1-Naphthylmethylammonium Sorbate and Characterization of the Resulting Stereoregular Polymer
( pp.717 - 719 )
Akikazu Matsumoto1) and Toru Odani1)

Conformational Change and Orientation Fluctuations of Isotactic Polystyrene Prior to Crystallization
( pp.722 - 727 )
Go Matsuba1), Keisuke Kaji1), Koji Nishida1), Toshiji Kanaya1) and Masayuki Imai2)

Phase Behaviors of Mainchain Liquid Crystals. 2H NMR and Pressure–Volume–Temperature Analysis of Dimer and Trimer Model Compounds
( pp.728 - 734 )
Akihiro Abe1), Takanori Takeda1), Toshihiro Hiejima1) and Hidemine Furuya2)

Density Fluctuations as Precursors of Crystallization in a Thermoplastic Polyimide
( pp.735 - 738 )
Fernando Ania1), Maria Esperanza Cagiao1) and Francisco Jose Baltá Calleja1)

Structure Development in a Thermoplastic Polyimide. Cold Crystallization as Revealed by Microhardness
( pp.739 - 746 )
Maria Esperanza Cagiao1), Marco Connor1), Francisco Jose Baltá Calleja1) and James C. Seferis2)

A New Thermodynamic Approach to the Microindentation Process on Polymeric Crystals
( pp.747 - 748 )
Matsuo Hirami1), Francisco Jose Baltá Calleja2) and Araceli Flores2)

Molecular Weight Dependence of Primary Nucleation Rate of Polyethylene I. An Extended Chain Single Crystal
( pp.749 - 758 )
Mutsuo Nishi1), Masamichi Hikosaka1), Swapan Kumer Ghosh1), Akihiko Toda1) and Koji Yamada2)

On Spherulitic Growth and Cellulation in Polymers. A Unified Context
( pp.759 - 764 )
David Clifford Bassett1)

Aspects of the Morphology and Melting Behavior of Constrained Polyethylene Fibers
( pp.765 - 771 )
Jason Teckoe1), David Clifford Bassett1) and Robert Hamilton Olley1)

On Changing Patterns of Morphological Instability in Linear-Low-Density Polyethylenes with Different Methods of Synthesis
( pp.772 - 777 )
Ian Lee Hosier1) and David Clifford Bassett1)

On Stable and Unstable Growth of Row Structures of Linear-Low-Density Polyethylenes
( pp.778 - 783 )
Moheb Ibrahim Abo el Maaty1)

TEM Studies on Thin Films of Natural Rubber and Polychloroprene Crystallized under Molecular Orientation
( pp.784 - 789 )
Masaki Tsuji1), Toshiki Shimizu1) and Shinzo Kohjiya1)

Temperature-Modulated DSC Applied to the Transformation Kinetics of Polymer Crystallization
( pp.790 - 794 )
Akihiko Toda1), Takeshi Arita1), Chiyoko Tomita1) and Masamichi Hikosaka1)

Crystallization and Melting of Binary Mixtures of Nylon 6 and Nylon 66. A Study by DSC
( pp.795 - 800 )
Tsunetoshi Matsuda1), Takehiko Shimomura2) and Matsuo Hirami1)

Phase Behavior of Binary Mixture Systems of Two Crystallizable Components. Semicrystalline Polymers and Wholly-Crystalline Substances
( pp.801 - 805 )
Matsuo Hirami1) and Tsunetoshi Matsuda1)

Density Fluctuations in Glassy Poly(ethylene terephthalate). Influence of the Thermal Treatment
( pp.806 - 808 )
Mari Cruz García1), Daniel Reyes Rueda1) and Francisco Jose Baltá Calleja1)



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