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Polymer Journal
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Structural Design of Polymer Membranes for Concentration of Bio-ethanol
( pp.485 - 494 )
Tadashi Uragami1)

ARGET ATRP Synthesis of Thermally Responsive Polymers with Oligo(ethylene oxide) Units
( pp.496 - 497 )
Shin-ichi Yamamoto1) and Krzysztof Matyjaszewski1)

Recycling of Polyethylene Terephthalate Using High-pressure Steam Treatment
( pp.498 - 502 )
Ai Noritake1), Mitsuo Hori2), Mikiji Shigematsu3) and Mitsuhiko Tanahashi3)

Phonon Dispersion and Heat Capacity in Microbial Poly(ε-L-lysine)(M-ε-PL)
( pp.503 - 512 )
Mahendra Singh1), Abhishek K. Mishra2), Navnit K. Misra1), Poonam Tandon3), Ko-Ki Kunimoto4) and V. D. Gupta3)

Room Temperature Ionic Liquids as Replacements for Organic Solvents: Direct Preparation of Wholly Aromatic Polyamides Containing Phthalimide and S-valine Moieties
( pp.513 - 519 )
Shadpour Mallakpour1) and Majid Kolahdoozan1)

Graft Reaction of Styrene-acrylonitrile onto Metallocene-Based Polyethylene-Octene Elastomer and its Toughening Effect on SAN
( pp.520 - 527 )
Yin-huan Li1), Lian-shi Wang1), Jing-qi Dai1) and An-qiang Zhang1)

Primary Structure of Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) Synthesized by Radical Polymerization. Effects of Polymerization Solvents
( pp.528 - 533 )
Tomoaki Kawaguchi1), Yosuke Kojima1), Masashi Osa1) and Takenao Yoshizaki1)

Miniaturization of Surface Patterns by Combination of Contact Etching Lithography and Multi-step Shrinking of Stretched Polymer Films
( pp.534 - 537 )
Hiroshi Yabu1) and Masatsugu Shimomura2)

Organic-Inorganic Polymer Hybrids of Polystyrene with Ladderlike Polyphenylsilsesquioxanes
( pp.538 - 542 )
Young-Chul An1), Nae-Youn Jang1), Seung Woo Lee2), Jung-Hyurk Lim1) and Kyung-Min Kim1)

Block Copolymers Prepared by Free Radical Polymerization Using α-Methylstyrene-containing Precopolymer as Macroinitiator
( pp.543 - 548 )
Shan Jiang1)2), Jianping Deng1)2) and Wantai Yang1)2)

Synthesis of Core-shell Star Poly(methyl methacrylate) with Benzene Arborol Core by Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization
( pp.549 - 553 )
Huaihong Zhang1), Ziqun Huang2) and Qiang Zhang2)

Novel Thermodynamic Property and Molecular Chain of Polystyrene Nano-Platelet
( pp.554 - 558 )
Jiang Jiang Guo1) and Xiao Yu Li1)

Topologically Linked Branch Polymers from Mono-amino-cyclodextrins and Polyethylene Glycol Dicarboxylic Acid
( pp.559 - 565 )
Kiyoshi Tamura1), Nobuhiro Oya1), Kenichi Hatanaka1) and Naoko Yoshie1)

Mean-Square Radius of Gyration and Second Virial Coefficient of Poly(diisopropyl fumarate) in Dilute Solution
( pp.566 - 571 )
Masayuki Nakatsuji1), Munehiro Hyakutake1), Masashi Osa1) and Takenao Yoshizaki1)

ATRP-RCM Synthesis of 8-Shaped Poly(methyl acrylate) Using a 4-Armed Star Telechelics
( pp.572 - 576 )
Shotaro Hayashi1)2), Kaoru Adachi1)2) and Yasuyuki Tezuka1)2)



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