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Polymer Journal
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Research on the crosslinking mechanism of polyacrylamide/resol using molecular simulation and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy ( pp.357 - 362 )
Tao Ni1, Guang-Su Huang1, Jing Zheng1, Pin Gao1 and Meng-Meng Chen1

Polymer reaction of poly(p-phenylene–ethynylene) by addition of decaborane: modulation of luminescence and heat resistance ( pp.363 - 367 )
Kenta Kokado1 and Yoshiki Chujo1

Poly(ethylene glycol)-induced acceleration of free radical polymerization of methyl methacrylate: effects of highly viscous solvent and kinetic study ( pp.368 - 374 )
Shin-ichi Matsuoka1, Takashi Kikuno1, Koji Takagi1 and Masato Suzuki1

Poly(2,5-benzimidazole) nanofibers prepared by reaction-induced crystallization ( pp.375 - 382 )
Kazuya Kimura1, Jin Gong1, Shin-ichiro Kohama1, Shinichi Yamazaki1, Tetsuya Uchida2 and Kunio Kimura1

Conformational properties of a polymer tethered to an interacting flat surface ( pp.383 - 385 )
Hong Li1, Chang-Ji Qian1, Li-Zhen Sun2 and Meng-Bo Luo2

Second and third virial coefficients of low-molecular-weight polystyrene with a benzyl end in toluene ( pp.386 - 390 )
Hiroshi Okada1, Shuhei Matsumoto1 and Yo Nakamura1

Novel polymerizable surfactants: synthesis and application in the emulsion polymerization of styrene ( pp.391 - 395 )
Sofiane Mekki1, Salima Saïdi-Besbes1, Abdelhamid Elaïssari2, Jean-Pierre Valour2 and Aïcha Derdour1

Amorphous phase behavior and crystalline morphology in blends of poly(vinyl methyl ether) with isomeric polyesters: poly(hexamethylene adipate) and poly(ε-caprolactone) ( pp.396 - 405 )
Eamor M Woo1, Ying-Hsuan Chou1, Wan-Jing Chiang1, I-Tzu Chen1, I-Han Huang1 and Nai-Tzu Kuo1

Langmuir–Blodgett films of helical rigid-rod poly(quinoxaline-2,3-diyl)s ( pp.406 - 410 )
Yoshihiko Ito1,3, Toshiyuki Miyake1, Michinori Suginome1, Rie Katakura2, Masaya Mitsuishi2 and Tokuji Miyashita2

Preparation of poly(butylene succinate) copolymers including L-aspartic acid ( pp.411 - 415 )
Akihiro Oishi1, Hiroshi Iida1 and Yoichi Taguchi1

One-pot synthesis of isotactic-capped syndiotactic polystyrene with a bimetallic homogeneous catalytic system ( pp.416 - 418 )
Riccardo Po1 and Silvia Spera1

Dielectric relaxation study of the crystalline chain motion of poly(vinylidene fluoride) under carbon dioxide ( pp.419 - 422 )
Yoshiko Yamamura1, Kazuo Yoshida1, Kiyu Kawate1, Noboru Osaka1 and Hiromu Saito1



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