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Home  >  Journal list  >  Polymer Journal  >  Vol.44 No.7 (2012)

Polymer Journal
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Design and synthesis of well-defined glycopolymers for the control of biological functionalities ( pp.679 - 689 )
Yoshiko Miura1

Antifreeze proteins: computer simulation studies on the mechanism of ice growth inhibition ( pp.690 - 698 )
Hiroki Nada1 and Yoshinori Furukawa2

A novel polyphenol: synthesis, characterization and investigation of its thermal and electrochemical properties ( pp.699 - 705 )
Hacı Ökkeş Demir1

Influence of magic angle spinning on T1H of SBR studied by solid state 1H NMR ( pp.706 - 712 )
Atsushi Asano1, Shunsuke Hori1, Masashi Kitamura1, Chikako T Nakazawa1 and Takuzo Kurotsu1

Chitin-chitosan nanocomposite gels: reinforcement of chitosan hydrogels with rod-like chitin nanowhiskers ( pp.713 - 717 )
Jun Araki1, Yuta Yamanaka2 and Kousaku Ohkawa3

Synthesis and characterization of novel semi-alicyclic polyimides from methyl-substituted tetralin dianhydride and aromatic diamines ( pp.718 - 723 )
Yuan-zheng Guo1, Hai-wang Song1, Lei Zhai1, Jin-gang Liu1 and Shiyong Yang1

Photoinduced mendable network polymer from poly(butylene adipate) end-functionalized with cinnamoyl groups ( pp.724 - 729 )
Nobuhiro Oya1, Petty Sukarsaatmadja1, Kazuki Ishida1 and Naoko Yoshie1



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