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Polymer Journal
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Self-assembled monolayers formed by helical peptide building blocks: a new tool for bioinspired nanotechnology ( pp.468 - 480 )
Emanuela Gatto1 and Mariano Venanzi1

Peptide-based targeting strategies for simultaneous imaging and therapy with nanovectors ( pp.481 - 493 )
Antonella Accardo1, Diego Tesauro1 and Giancarlo Morelli1

Physical vapor deposition of peptide nanostructures ( pp.494 - 503 )
Becky Bank-Srour1, Peter Becker1, Leonid Krasovitsky1, Alexander Gladkikh2, Yuri Rosenberg2, Zahava Barkay2 and Gil Rosenman1

Hydrogel scaffolds composed of genetically synthesized self-assembling peptides for three-dimensional cell culture ( pp.504 - 508 )
Masayasu Mie1, Mayu Oomuro1 and Eiry Kobatake1

Versatile peptide rafts for conjugate morphologies by self-assembling amphiphilic helical peptides ( pp.509 - 515 )
Motoki Ueda1, Akira Makino1, Tomoya Imai2, Junji Sugiyama2 and Shunsaku Kimura1

Hydrophobic Aib/Ala peptides solubilize in water through formation of supramolecular assemblies ( pp.516 - 522 )
Edoardo Longo1, Marco Crisma1, Fernando Formaggio1, Claudio Toniolo1 and Alessandro Moretto1

Site-specific adsorption of gold nanoparticles coated with thermo-responsive peptides ( pp.523 - 528 )
Nobuyuki Higashi1, Takayuki Ochiai1, Chie Kanazawa1 and Tomoyuki Koga1

Guest-binding behavior of peptide nanocapsules self-assembled from viral peptide fragments ( pp.529 - 534 )
Kazunori Matsuura1, Kenta Watanabe2, Yoshihiro Matsushita2 and Nobuo Kimizuka2,3

A peptide release system using a photo-cleavable linker in a cell array format for cell-toxicity analysis ( pp.535 - 539 )
Takashi Kakiyama1,5, Kenji Usui1,2,3,5, Kin-ya Tomizaki4, Masayasu Mie2, Eiry Kobatake2 and Hisakazu Mihara1

Preparation of platinum nanoparticles that are dispersible in water over a wide pH range ( pp.540 - 544 )
Takanori Imai1, Yoshimoto Abe1, Keishi Nishio2, Ryuji Tamura2, Hirobumi Shibata3, Tohru Kineri4 and Takahiro Gunji1

Effect of the third monomer unit on the phase transition of oriented ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene copolymer studied by the temperature-dependent measurements of 2D X-ray scattering and polarized infrared spectroscopy ( pp.545 - 554 )
Atsushi Funaki1, Suttinun Phongtamrug2 and Kohji Tashiro3

Synthesis of a conjugated copolymer with benzodithiophene and benzimidazole units ( pp.555 - 559 )
Suhee Song1, Seo-Jin Ko2, Ju Ae Kim1, Youngeup Jin3, Il Kim4, Jin Young Kim2 and Hongsuk Suh1

Preparation and characterization of nanoparticles formed through stereocomplexation between enantiomeric poly(γ-glutamic acid)-graft-poly(lactide) copolymers ( pp.560 - 566 )
Ye Zhu1, Takami Akagi1,2 and Mitsuru Akashi1,2



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