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Polymer Journal
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The roles of water molecules at the biointerface of medical polymers ( pp.701 - 710 )
Masaru Tanaka1, Tomohiro Hayashi2,3 and Shigeaki Morita4

Synthesis of cyclic polymers and topology effects on their diffusion and thermal properties ( pp.711 - 717 )
Takuya Yamamoto1

Metathesis and addition polymerization of novel Me3Si- and Me3Ge-substituted tricyclononenes ( pp.718 - 726 )
Maxim Bermeshev1, Boris Bulgakov1, Dmitry Demchuk2, Marina Filatova1, Lyudmila Starannikova1 and Eugene Finkelshtein1

Elucidation of conformational characteristics and configurational properties of poly((R)-3-hydroxybutyrate) by ab initio statistical mechanics ( pp.727 - 737 )
Yuji Sasanuma1 and Shiori Katsumata1

Anisotropic ionic conduction in composite polymer electrolytes filled with clays oriented by a strong magnetic field ( pp.738 - 743 )
Shunsuke Kitajima1, Masahiro Matsuda1, Masafumi Yamato2 and Yoichi Tominaga1

Synthesis and photovoltaic properties of a series of bulk heterojunction solar cells based on interchain-linked conjugated polymers ( pp.744 - 757 )
Rong-Ho Lee1, Wei-Yu Chen2 and Sheng-Yi Shiau1

Bio-based thermosetting resins composed of cardanol novolac and bismaleimide ( pp.758 - 765 )
Mitsuhiro Shibata1, Yusuke Itakura1 and Hironori Watanabe1

Synthesis of bis(pyrrolidone-4-carboxylic acid)-based polyamides derived from renewable itaconic acid—application as a compatibilizer in biopolymer blends ( pp.766 - 774 )
Farouk Ayadi1, Saskia Mamzed2, Charles Portella2 and Patrice Dole1

Synergism of pentaerythritol-zinc with β-diketone and calcium stearate in poly(vinyl chloride) thermal stability ( pp.775 - 782 )
Degang Li1, Min Zhou1, Linghua Xie1, Xianjin Yu1, Yuanzhang Yu1, Hongqi Ai2 and Shouyu Tang3



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