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Home  >  Journal list  >  Polymer Journal  >  Vol.46 No.2 (2014)

Polymer Journal
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Ring-opening polymerization of a five-membered lactone trans-fused to a cyclohexane ring ( pp.89 - 93 )
Osamu Haba1 and Hiroki Itabashi1

Synthesis and fluorescent properties of conjugated co-oligomers containing maleimide and carbazole units at the main chain ( pp.94 - 103 )
Munetoshi Nakamura1, Kazuhiro Yamabuki1, Tsutomu Oishi1 and Kenjiro Onimura1

Quantification of the solvent evaporation rate during the production of three PVDF crystalline structure types by solvent casting ( pp.104 - 110 )
Hideo Horibe1, Yasutaka Sasaki1, Hironori Oshiro1, Yukari Hosokawa1, Akihiko Kono1, Seiji Takahashi1 and Takashi Nishiyama1

Incorporating strongly triboluminescent europium dibenzoylmethide triethylammonium into simple polymers ( pp.111 - 116 )
Ross S Fontenot1, William A Hollerman2, Kamala N Bhat1, Mohan D Aggarwal1 and Benjamin G Penn3

Preparation and characterization of looped polydimethylsiloxane brushes ( pp.117 - 122 )
Shinichiro Sakurai1, Hirohmi Watanabe1 and Atsushi Takahara1

Monolithic growth of partly cured polydimethylsiloxane thin film layers ( pp.123 - 129 )
Liyun Yu1 and Anne Ladegaard Skov1

Structural factors directing nanosized polyion complex vesicles (Nano-PICsomes) to form a pair of block aniomer/homo catiomers: studies on the aniomer segment length and the catiomer side-chain structure ( pp.130 - 135 )
Sayan Chuanoi1, Akihiro Kishimura1,5, Wen-Fei Dong2, Yasutaka Anraku1, Yuichi Yamasaki1 and Kazunori Kataoka1,3,4

The graft survival protection of subcutaneous allogeneic islets with hydrogel grafting and encapsulated by CTLA4Ig and IL1ra ( pp.136 - 144 )
Hau-Yuan Hou1, Shin-Huei Fu2, Chi-Hsien Liu3, Jyh-Ping Chen4 and Brend Ray-Sea Hsu5



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