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Home  >  Journal list  >  Polymer Journal  >  Vol.48 No.11 (2016)

Polymer Journal
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Structures of silk fibroin before and after spinning and biomedical applications ( pp.1039 - 1044 )
Yu Suzuki1

Spherical resonators from π-conjugated polymers ( pp.1045 - 1050 )
Yohei Yamamoto1,2,3

Fundamental factors determining the molecular weight of polyhydroxyalkanoate during biosynthesis ( pp.1051 - 1057 )
Takeharu Tsuge1

Zinc bis(allyldithiocarbamate) for highly refractive and flexible materials via the thiol-ene reaction ( pp.1059 - 1064 )
Shintaro Nagayama1 and Bungo Ochiai1

Solution properties of poly(N-methylethylene imine), a highly hydrophilic polycation ( pp.1065 - 1072 )
Yuichiro Fukuda1, Daisuke Abe1, Yuto Tanaka1, Junichi Uchida1, Nobuaki Suzuki1, Tomohiro Miyai1 and Yuji Sasanuma1

Reliability of intrinsic birefringence estimated via the modified stress-optical rule ( pp.1073 - 1078 )
Yuki Okada1, Osamu Urakawa1 and Tadashi Inoue1

Rheological properties of suspensions of thermo-responsive poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) microgels undergoing volume phase transition ( pp.1079 - 1086 )
Saori Minami1, Takumi Watanabe2, Daisuke Suzuki2,3 and Kenji Urayama1



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