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Polymer Journal
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Development of glycosaminoglycan mimetics using glycopolymers ( pp.229 - 237 )
Yoshiko Miura1, Tomohiro Fukuda2, Hirokazu Seto1 and Yu Hoshino1

Structure analyses of polybutadiene rubber crosslinked with unsaturated carboxylate using contrast variation small-angle neutron scattering ( pp.239 - 245 )
Ryo Mashita1, Hiroyuki Kishimoto1, Rintaro Inoue2 and Toshiji Kanaya3

Colloidal droplets of the concentrated phase in aqueous methanol solutions of a hydrophilically modified poly(dimethylsiloxane) ( pp.247 - 251 )
Takashi Okuhara1,2 and Takahiro Sato1

X-ray study of molecular motions in the rotator phases of normal tricosane ( pp.253 - 258 )
Kazuo Kato1

Synthesis, characterization and antibacterial properties of polyurethane material functionalized with quaternary ammonium salt ( pp.259 - 265 )
Chun-Hua Wang1, Gui-Ge Hou1, Zhen-Zhen Du1, Wei Cong1, Ju-Feng Sun1, Yan-Yan Xu1 and Wen-Shuai Liu1

Fabrication of UV-inactive photoaligned films by photoinduced orientation of H-bonded composites of non-photoreactive polymer and cinnamate derivative ( pp.267 - 271 )
Satoshi Minami1,2, Mizuho Kondo2 and Nobuhiro Kawatsuki2

Direct visualization of swollen microgels by scanning electron microscopy using ionic liquids ( pp.273 - 279 )
Koji Horigome1, Takeshi Ueki2,4 and Daisuke Suzuki1,3

Design of low-crystalline and low-density isobutyl-substituted caged silsesquioxane derivatives by star-shaped architectures linked with short aliphatic chains ( pp.281 - 287 )
Yuta Yasumoto1, Takahiro Yamanaka1, Shinichi Sakurai2, Hiroaki Imoto1 and Kensuke Naka1

Thermosensitive soft glassy colloidal arrays of block-copolymer-grafted silica nanoparticles in an ionic liquid ( pp.289 - 294 )
Kazuhide Ueno1,3, Toshimichi Fukai2,3 and Masayoshi Watanabe2

Utilization of milk protein as an environmental material: accumulation of metal ions using a protein–inorganic hybrid material ( pp.295 - 300 )
Masanori Yamada1 and Mayuna Tsuruzumi1

Effect of the presence of partially sulfonated polyaniline on the proton and methanol transport behavior of partially sulfonated PVdF membrane ( pp.301 - 309 )
Kingshuk Dutta1, Suparna Das1 and Patit P Kundu1



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