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Polymer Journal
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Molecular Motion in Crystalline Lysozyme
( pp.85 - 93 )
Toshiharu Takizawa1), Yasuhiro Miyoshi2) and Nobuhiko Saito3)

Two-Dimensional Model of Mechanical Properties of Polymer Blends: Application to Polypropylene and Polyethylene Blends
( pp.94 - 102 )
T. Pakula1), M. Kryszewski1), J. Grebowicz1) and A. Galeski1)

The Melting Temperature of a Thermally Reversible Gel. III. Poly(vinyl alcohol)—Water Gels
( pp.103 - 107 )
Akira Takahashi1) and Sei-sho Hiramitsu1)

Relaxation Spectra of Nonlinear Polymers
( pp.108 - 120 )
Masao Doi1)

Radical Polymerization of Furan with Maleic Anhydride through the Diels—Alder Adduct
( pp.121 - 131 )
Bunzo Kamo1), Isamu Morita1), Satoshi Horie1) and Shijo Furusawa1)

Light Scattering from Polymer Films Having an Optically Anisotropic Rod-Like Texture in Relation to a Model of a Random Assembly of Disordered Rods
( pp.132 - 150 )
Takeji Hashimoto1), Yukinobu Murakami1), Norio Hayashi1) and Hiromichi Kawai1)

Light Scattering from a Random Assembly of Anisotropic Plates in Two- and Three-Dimensional Space
( pp.151 - 164 )
Masaru Matsuo1), Shunji Nomura1), Takeji Hashimoto1) and Hiromichi Kawai1)

Flow Properties of Polymer Solutions. II. Phenomenological Relation for the Stress Following Sudden Start of Steady Shear Flow
( pp.165 - 169 )
Kunihiro Osaki1), Yoshiyuki Einaga1), Nobuhiro Yamada1), Shin-ichi Ohta1) and Michio Kurata1)

Dielectric Behaviour of Some Poly(alkyl methacrylate)s in Dilute Solution
( pp.170 - 178 )
Satoru Mashimo1), Akio Chiba2) and Kenichi Shinohara3)

Flow Properties of Polymer Solutions. III. Non-Newtonian Viscosity and Relaxation Mechanisms with Long Relaxation Times
( pp.179 - 184 )
Kunihiro Osaki1), Yoshiyuki Einaga1), Nobuhiro Yamada1) and Michio Kurata1)

The Copolymerization of Vinylhydroquinone and Acrylonitrile by Tri-n-butylborane
( pp.185 - 190 )
Susumu Iwabuchi1), Mitsuru Ueda1), Minoru Kobayashi1) and Kuniharu Kojima1)

High-Resolution NMR Spectra and Conformation of Poly(vinylidene fluoride) and Their Relation with Crystal Modifications
( pp.191 - 193 )
Yoshiharu Toida1) and Riichirô Chûjô1)

Paramagnetically Shifted NMR Spectra and Conformation of Isotactic and Syndiotactic Poly(methyl methacrylate)s
( pp.194 - 197 )
Shigetoshi Amiya1), Isao Ando1), Shosuke Watanabe1) and Riichirô Chûjô1)



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