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Polymer Journal
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An Estimate of the Fold Conformation on Polyethylene Single Crystals by the Method of Surface Halogenation
( pp.1 - 8 )
Tomo-o Oyama1), Kohzoh Shiokawa1) and Yoshiaki Kawamura1)

Comparative Study of Polyamides from Bisacid A2
( pp.9 - 17 )
Rudolph S. Lenk1), John F. Fellers1) and James L. White1)

Ring-Opening Polymerization of 1-Substituted Azetidine. I. Polymerization of 1-β-Cyanoethylazetidine with Cationic Initiators
( pp.19 - 22 )
Shizunobu Hashimoto1), Takayuki Yamashita1) and Junichi Hino1)

Haloaldehyde Polymers. VIII. Preparation and Polymerization of Dichlorofluoroacetaldehyde
( pp.23 - 31 )
Bunichiro Yamada1), Richard W. Campbell1) and O. Vogl1)

Anisotropic Light Scattering from the Rigid Structure of DNA
( pp.33 - 39 )
J. de la Torre García1) and Arturo Horta1)

Laser Flash Photolysis Studies of Copolymers of Phenyl Vinyl Ketone and Vinylnaphthalene in Benzene Solution
( pp.41 - 45 )
Koichiro Hayashi1), Masahiro Irie1), John Kiwi2) and Wolfram Schnabel2)

Haloaldehyde Polymers. V. Polymer Blends Involving Chloral Polymers
( pp.47 - 59 )
L. S. Corley1), P. Kubisa1) and O. Vogl1)

Analytical Successive Solutional Fractionation of Macromolecules
( pp.61 - 71 )
Yukio Miyazaki1) and Kenji Kamide1)

Complexes of Poly(L-glutamic acid) with Oligo(ethyleneimine)s and their Quaternary Derivatives: Effect of the Chain Length of the Oligomers on Complexation
( pp.73 - 78 )
Koji Abe1), Mikio Koide1) and Eishun Tsuchida1)

Complexes of Poly(L-glutamic acid) with Various Polycations: Effect of the Structure of the Component Polymers
( pp.79 - 86 )
Koji Abe1) and Eishun Tsuchida1)

Possible Formation of Living Polymers of p-Methoxystyrene by Iodine
( pp.87 - 93 )
Toshinobu Higashimura1) and Osamu Kishiro1)

Solid State Properties of Poly(spiro[2,4]hepta-4,6-diene)
( pp.95 - 100 )
Hiroaki Sugimoto1), Motowo Takayanagi1) and Toyoki Kunitake1)

Ternary Copolymerization of Carbon Dioxide with Optical Isomers of 1,2-Epoxypropane and Phenylepoxyethane
( pp.101 - 106 )
Shohei Inoue1), Takashi Hirano1) and Teiji Tsuruta1)

Synthesis of Polyamides via in-situ Polycondensation
( pp.107 - 110 )
Naoya Ogata1) and Hozumi Tanaka1)

Functional Monomers and Polymers. XXXIX. Synthesis of Optically Active Poly(trans-2-methylpentadiene) by Asymmetric Inclusion Polymerization in Deoxycholic Acid
( pp.111 - 112 )
Mikiji Miyata1) and Kiichi Takemoto1)



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